Concerning GCFScape

GCFScape is a little tool that can open and also extract from GCF files that are used by Heavy steam for game content storage space. It can be downloaded and install.

GCFScape 1.7.1 or far better is called for to open VPK data. To browse the base material of a game using VPK, you should open the index documents pak_01_dir. vpk.


Suggestion: When you set up GCFScape make sure you link GCF files with GCFScape so they'’ ll open straight away. The data will be offered icons if this has actually been done.

When a GCF is opened, the program will look like this:

Clicking the little switch, you can browse the folders clicking them so they broaden and show subfolders like so, after that clicking a folder will certainly reveal the materials to the right:

Right clicking a documents will raise a context menu from where you can extract from:

Clicking this will bring up a window where you can pick your save location:

Clicking OK will draw out the documents to your selected place.

Supported Formats

Along with GCF data, GCFScape likewise sustains Half-Life BSP, NCF, PAK, VPK, WAD, and also XZP documents.More Here nems tools At our site


The complying with options are available inside the options food selection in GCFScape:


Enable verbose logging (enabled by default). Disable this alternative to reduce log outcome. This can be useful when you are extracting huge amounts of documents and also just wish to be educated of mistakes.

File Mapping

Enable Windows file mapping (enabled by default). File mapping is an effective technique of arbitrary data gain access to. Some running systems have problems with documents mapping (in particular Windows 98) as well as may produce errors; disable this option in such cases.

Quick File Mapping

Map the whole documents to memory (rather than items of it as needed). Successfully caches the data in memory. Can speed up things up if you have enough totally free memory. Some operating systems have problems with documents mapping (particularly Windows 98) and might generate mistakes; disable this alternative in such cases.

Volatile Accessibility

Enable unstable data gain access to (made it possible for by default). By default, Vapor loads.gcf documents in read/write mode and also is liable to transform their materials at any moment (as updates happen). Must this occur, GCFScape would certainly become unsteady and also most likely crash. Unpredictable gain access to enables you to open up GCF files loaded in Vapor at your very own threat. It is normally steady and can prove useful for examining which files Heavy steam is updating.

Write Gain access to

Enable compose file access (handicapped by default). Create gain access to offers GCFScape the capability to change particular files and is not compatible with volatile gain access to for the instability a mix of the two would create. This alternative is needed for GCF defragmentation.


In version 1.5.0, GCFScape added the capacity to verify GCF data. This process computes a collection of crossbreed CRC 32 as well as Adler-32 checksums for each and every documents within a GCF documents as well as contrasts each checksum to the checksums precalculated and saved within the GCF documents. This feature gives a fast option to Steam for inspecting GCF corruption and also listing corrupt and also insufficient files, yet can not repair damaged GCF files as Steam can.

To verify all or part of a GCF file making use of GCFScape, complete the complying with steps:

  1. Launch GCFScape.
  2. From the Data menu, open your GCF documents.
  3. Browse to the leading degree folder you want to verify (origin for the entire GCF file).
  4. Right click the folder and also pick Validate.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each GCF documents you want to validate.


In variation 1.6.0, the capacity to defragment GCF documents was contributed to GCFScape. This function was added after a number of tests by Nem indicated that Vapor'’ s built in defragmenter did not constantly completely defragment a game'’ s GCF files. In fact, Heavy steam would certainly usually incorrectly report a fragmentation of 0% when truth fragmentation was as high or higher than 10%, a value extremely harmful to performance.

GCFScape defines the fragmentation ratio to be the variety of made use of collections that are out of order divided by the total variety of made use of clusters. The initial cluster in a file can never ever be out of order, so a file that contains only one cluster (generally < <8192 B) can never be fragmented. At 10% fragmentation, a regular ~ 785 MB GCF file (approximately 100,000 collections at 8192 B per collection) would require, on average, one look for procedure for every single 80 KB of information check out. You can see the fragmentation of any type of documents or folder (origin for the entire GCF data) by checking its properties.

To defragment your GCF data making use of GCFScape, finish the following steps:

  1. Closure Vapor.
  2. Release GCFScape.
  3. In the Options menu, enable Write Access as well as disable Volatile Gain access to.
  4. From the Documents food selection, open your GCF data.
  5. From the Tools food selection, choose Defragment.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for each GCF documents you wish to defragment.

Note: The defragmentation process is rather slow, yet can be terminated as well as resumed at any moment.

Running GCFScape

GCFScape needs. WEB 4.0 (or later on), as well as Visual C++ 2010 Runtime (x86 or x64) to run.

These requirements put on all operating systems, MacOS and also Linux users will certainly require to install these in order to run GCFScape via A glass of wine.

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